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 Welcome to the Australian Seniors site

This site is made for seniors aged 50 and over by seniors where we plan to bring you relevant information on retirement options, government benefits, health related information and just about any  thing that would be of interest to our age group

If you have  any suggestions, comments, complaints or even compliments please use the contact page to let us know and we will do our best to help.

We are now truly an aging nation with more Australian seniors than ever before and just so you know what this really means we have included the latest figures from the last Census conducted by the Australian Government.

So why is Australia becoming an aging nation?  There are actually 2 reasons for this being baby boomers and medical science as outlined below.

Baby Boomers – Baby boomers are generally categorised as those born following World War 2 that were born between the years 1946 to 1964 with the majority of those born during this time now over the age of 50.

Medical Science - Better medical knowledge and techniques along with many scientific break throughs has  increased the  average life span throughout western countries.  In  Australia, men’s life expectancy is 83.1 years,  while women’s is 86.4  years which goes to prove that women always have the last word!

Australian Population Aged 65 Years And Over

 For the first time in our history, people aged 65 and over are now above 3 million out of the 22 and a half million people in Australia as estimated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics after the 2010 Census which is the latest data released about these figures.

3 million senior Australians need a lot of services, programs and products to allow us to lead comfortable and hopefully active lives.

Australia - An aging nation

Australia’s growing population of senior citizens

Our aim is to bring you relevant information about Government benefits and discounts, seniors related information and recommended products.  With our aging population there are a lot more companies offering services to our growing market which gives us more choice and competitive pricing which is what we all want because it allows us to save a few dollars along the way.

Unfortunately one of our greatest problems is that while we may feel like a 30-year-old mentally, our bodies do tend to let us down and begin to sag and fade meaning that we often need a little help along the way.  You will find some of this help among our pages as we add them.

The good news is that many companies are now making products that help us to stay on our homes longer and not having to move to a nursing home at an earlier age.  These include mobility aids, safety rails, kitchen appliances and utensils just to name a few.  As we come across the best ones we will be sure to bring them to your attention.

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